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Brushing Teeth

Brushing Teeth

More toothbrushes are soft, the better!

Too big, too thick, too hard, most toothbrushes generally have the same denominator. This also applies to toothbrushes “medium” marketing term that is often recommended, it is also true for most toothbrushes for children. Be sure to mention the brushes (soft ultra-soft) and in particular on the surface of the brush (small). Use a toothbrush extra soft, with little head about 2 cm long, and / or brush teeth Fresh isolated (Solo model).

Adopt new technology especially the strand tapered very significantly higher than that of regular strands.

The role of the toothbrush.

The main function of the toothbrush is to remove dental plaque, ie destroy the evolving structure of the film to make the mass of the plate harmless. A total elimination of the plate is not possible or desired, because a sterile mouth is extremely unhealthy. Only bacterial relatively thick layers and old cause cavities and gum inflammation. And of course, always brushing “pink to white!” Or, in the sense of the gum around the tooth.

Difference between the hair and the hair usually taper.

The revolution of the conical pile (Konex): 6 times end, he reaches the most extreme places in between the teeth that are responsible for 90% of caries, increases very significantly the surface cleaning and gives you comfort Special brushing!