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Sensitive teeth, drink cold or hot !

Sensitive teeth, drink cold or hot !

Sensitive teeth pain? pain that pierces you? Teeth are a sensitive reaction to one or more teeth triggered by hot food, cold, sweet or sour and beverages. The pain may even be triggered simply by breathing through the mouth in cold weather. Sensitive teeth are not reserved for old age, often young people also know the feeling.

Dentists estimate that 15-30% of the population suffer from hypersensitivity. The painful tooth sensitivity due to cold temperatures and / or hot (food, beverages, air), should be carefully interpreted as a warning signal that the tooth roots, which are normally protected by the enamel hard or gums are exposed.

The tooth root may be exposed following the failure of the enamel coating of teeth, recession of the gums, gingivitis, plaque between teeth and gums, teeth cracked and / or grinding teeth. The best prevention for sensitive teeth is a good oral hygiene, regularly clean all your teeth and mouth using a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Action against sensitive teeth.

Above all, learn and practice the correct technique of brushing. When in doubt, your dentist or his assistant can tell you the proper technique. Second, use of toothbrushes that have only soft proven effective cleaning soft but perfect. Studies have shown that a soft toothbrush clean and protect teeth better than hard brushes. Thirdly, use a toothpaste with a low abrasion value (RDA level 25-50). If this value is not indicated on the package, contact the manufacturer and only use products that declare their level of abrasion.