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Dental Erosion and Caries

Dental Erosion and Caries

Dental erosion is an injury caused by the acids in the diet that causes irreversible loss of tooth tissue. At present this injury has increased by changes in diet and increased consumption of juices and soft drinks. The citric acid, phosphoric, maleic, and other content in frequently consumed beverages are responsible for this injury can be particularly destructive in children if ingested in juice bottle, for extended periods and near the hour of sleep.

According to scientific evidence, how often you eat can be critical in the process of erosion. At bedtime, a bottle should
contain only water. Remember that to prevent tooth erosion, juices and soft drinks should not be administered frequently. Preferably drink them with meals.

Prevention is implementing a set of knowledge, actions and attitudes as early as possible.

Dental caries is a controllable disease. To achieve control we need to consider the following preventive measures: oral hygiene to disrupt the bacteria and food stuck to the teeth, streamline intake of carbohydrates from which microbes produce acids that demineralizating tooth; use fluoride pasta and topics to increase tooth resistance to the action of acids and monitored periodically according to risk.