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Implants: Teeth for life

Implants: Teeth for life

The purpose of an implant is to sustain the restoration of one or more missing teeth. Implantology has become one of the most advanced cosmetic techniques in the field of dentistry.

A dental implant is nothing more than the replacement of the tooth root, a small root-shaped device that is placed into the jaw bone to support a dental prosthetic restoration (crown). As Dr. Ivan Flores Apaza, dentist, specialist in implant aesthetics, implants are made of titanium material compatible with living tissues. One of the advantages of the implant is that it requires altering the structure of adjacent teeth to keep fixed the new “crown that will subject entire life.”

Tooth decay, trauma or severe periodontitis (gum disease) are some of the situations that can cause tooth loss and affect the maxillary bone support. In these cases a lasting and healthy option is an implant to replace a missing tooth (or in the alternative, to replace a bridge).

Removable or fixed prosthesis. (more…)