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Do You Care About Your Child’s Dental Health?

Do You Care About Your Child's Dental Health?

Have healthy teeth and beautiful is the desire of each person, but when we were kids we did not care about our teeth so that when we adults have a variety of dental health problems. We will provide guidance for good parents, who care about their child’s dental health.

Enemy of teeth.

As early lactation, even if the baby has been fed only breast milk, we find the first danger. “We must not forget that breast milk contains elements that sugar could eventually lead to a demineralization of enamel. But help is easy. Only there are the preventive measures of hygiene of the oral cavity after each shot.

After six months, the diet is diversified and the situation worsens. We are beginning to eat refined sugar and food of soft, sticky consistency due to stay longer in contact with the tooth surface and the bacterial attack is prolonged. The worst time for the consumption of these foods is undoubtedly the night, hence the importance of a good brushing is done before going to sleep.

After three years, begins the socialization of children. Starts going to school, to interact with other children, stop eating at home and disrupt their schedules and regular diet. At this stage, is when most are increased nutritional habits in children, such as consumption of sweets, pastries, soft drinks or sugary drinks.

Friends of teeth.

Nutritional information is as important as the instructions for good oral hygiene that we must never neglect, like visiting the dentist at least twice a year.