Foods to avoid and prevent tooth decay

Some foods rich in carbohydrates contribute to tooth decay, just as other types of foods, the level of dental hygiene, availability of fluoride, salivary production and genetic factors also play an important role in the emergence of caries.

Cavities begin with an erosion of the outer layer of the tooth, called enamel, which occurs after the formation of dental plaque in your home can be an accumulation of sugar or other carbohydrates.

We recommend eating too little of these foods to avoid and prevent cavities:

• Milk and dairy products: condensed milk.
• Fatty meats, meat products and offal.
• Cereals: Cookies Stuffed dipped in chocolate or sugar solutions, etc.
• Fruit: Fruit in syrup and candied fruit desired.
• Beverages: Beverages sweetened cola-type, and according to habits, low spirits
graduation (beer, table wines, cider).
• Fats: Cream, butter, lard and tallow.
• Other products to avoid: cakes and pastries stuffed, dipped in chocolate or sugar solutions, candy, etc.
• Sweeteners: Sugar common or sucrose, fructose and glucose syrups.