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Symptoms of an abscessed tooth

Symptoms of an abscessed tooth

Having a dental abscess can be very unpleasant if not painful. An abscess is actually an infection that has reached either a tooth or the gum around a tooth. People realize they have an abscess when they begin to feel pain, although an abscess may develop for weeks without really having trouble. Therefore, the main symptom is severe pain in the mouth, which comes from the infected tooth, but can also be spread across the side of the face.

Other symptoms may also indicate if an abscessed tooth is about to occur:

1. Gums become red and swollen, with swelling around the tooth;
2. Chewing food becomes painful when the infected tooth is in contact with food or with other teeth;
3. An infection can cause fever, leading to general fatigue and even headaches;
4. After the swelling has occurred, pus may come out of the abscess and drain into the mouth.

This could have a bad taste, and it is recommended to spit out the mouth instead of swallowing it, but the pain is generally calm after the pus.